Why wooden toys are more preferred by parents

Why wooden toys are more preferred by parents

Wooden toys are always deemed special because of their craftsmanship and the hard, solid tactile sensation they provide compared to the modern plastic toys. As you can see, the wooden toys at https://www.rainbowfun.com.au/shop-by-category/wooden-toys-crafts/Wooden are more visually appealing compared to the plastic ones. These toys are also preferred by parents because they bring them back to their childhood days, and they also want their children to enjoy toys they used to play with.

Aside from bringing back childhood memories and being more aesthetically appealing, wooden toys are preferred by parents because of the following reasons:

1. Encourage creativity

Wooden toys are simple, with no lights and music like the battery-operated plastic toys. Instead of being bombarded with sounds and lights, kids have to use their imagination to play with wooden toys. This type of playtime can help with developing your child’s social, verbal, creativity, and emotional skills.

2. Are environment-friendly

Most wooden toys, especially those you will find at Rainbow Fun, are made from fast-growing trees. Since they are wood, they are biodegradable. These toys are also painted with environmentally-safe and non-toxic paint.

Another thing about wooden toys is that they are durable, you do not have to keep on buying new toys for your kids. These toys can last for several years and can even be passed down to younger siblings or even to the next generation.

3. Are safer than plastic

As mentioned above, quality wooden toys only use non-toxic paint, while the paint used on plastic toys, especially the cheap ones, are not guaranteed safe and free from harmful chemicals. Also, wooden toys are more durable and do not break easily; when plastic toys break, they usually have small broken pieces that can cause injury and accidents to your child.

4. Help improve fine motor skills

Wooden toys can help improve your child’s fine motor skills in several ways. For example, moving a wooden toy car, which is heavier than plastic cars, helps improve your child’s strength and coordination. Stacking wooden blocks into a tower can help your child’s dexterity.

5. Improve your child’s concentration

Wooden toys, unlike gadgets and battery-operated toys, are calming and can help your child’s concentration. Your child needs to concentrate, be creative, and even think critically when playing with simple wooden toys.

6. Allow children to learn emotions

Gadgets and blinking toys bombard your child with too much information, lights, and music. Studies show children with too much exposure to gadgets are grumpy and impatient. Unlike playing with simple wooden toys, your child can relax, get to bond with playmates, or are left alone with their own thoughts.

7. Are educational

Wooden toys do not only improve your child’s emotion, concentration, and creativity, but they can also be used to teach your child about numbers, the alphabet, animals, shapes, and many more. Using educational toys is a fun way to teach young kids and can keep them interested. You can check wooden educational toys at https://www.rainbowfun.com.au/shop-by-category/wooden-toys-crafts/.

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