What To Expect During An Exit Medical

What To Expect During An Exit Medical

For industries that involve harmful chemicals, noise, and strenuous work, exit medicals are important to protect the employer and the employee. The effects of these stressors accumulate in the human body. More information at nominated medical advisor

Here’s why companies should make exit medicals a ubiquitous part of their operations.

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Why Are Exit Medicals Important?

A medical assessment after the end of a contract or after termination will help the employee see any sign of complication. From here, the nominated medical advisor can assess whether the effects are from the work environment. If so, he gets medical compensation for these physical damages.

Consequently, employees need the results of a medical assessment for their own security. There are instances when former employees blame their workplace environment for their newfound illnesses. Some of these cases are escalated to court costing much from the employer and the employee.

True or not, issues like this could affect the image of a company. It could lose manpower and slowly lose its revenue. To avoid these issues, a company should have a nominated medical advisor for guidance.

Exit medical assessments are necessary for both of the party’s protection. The employee gets the medical sustenance he deserves depending on the classification of injury. On the other hand, the employer gets proof of medical soundness from the employee.

What to Expect During an Exit Medical

Depending on the nature of your employment, you will experience a variety of tests. If you are looking forward to an exit medical, here’s what you need to prepare for:

  1. Physical Test. A nominated medical advisor usually recommends this for employees who have been in contact with metals and hazardous materials such as manganese.
  2. Hearing Test. This is for employees who were exposed to noisy environments such as those full of whirring machines.
  3. Spirometry. This is a lung test to detect any damages to the organ due to the possible inhalation of harmful residues or substances.
  4. Drug Test. Occupational drug testing is a way to detect whether injuries and physical claims come from the work environment or substance dependence. The Department of Labor strictly implements a drug-free workplace to promote safety and reduce the number of reported OSHA, injuries, and compensation claims.

The Need for a Professional Medical Advisor

These are some of the tests to look forward to in an exit assessment. Regardless of the reason for resignation, an exit medical is important for legal protection.

Not only can Medical advisors help employers conduct exit assessments but also maintain a positive and healthful environment. With the help of a professional, a company can build a better environment for the welfare of their employees. This is an approach to avoid any medical issues in the workplace. At the same time, it is a vital tool to enhance efficiency, confidence, and mutual trust.

With a medical advisor, employers can drive their companies towards productivity and learning. They can evaluate the safety measures needed in your working environment. In that way, the organization can upgrade the equipment and systems for new and improved management.

If you are looking forward to growing as a company, focus on the development of your system. Start by providing a safe environment. To find a medical advisor near you, visit resile.com.au for more information.

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